project 2 (assignment week 3 & 4)

Assignment week 3


Problems :- Youngsters have to acquire knowledge, masterskills in ICT and develop an attitude towards their education. as during the last two three decades ICT has conquered the world and has occupied an increasing place in everyday life, at home, at work, in entertainment and in schools. those peoples need soft skills that need not only to complete succesfully an educational career but also to become a modern citizen.

How ??

1) learning programmes -> available for individuals who are willing to pass e-skill certification.

2) training blend -> type of training that content a learning for base and high level certificate then predominantly delivered through formal learning environments.

3) learn the method and style -> ideal types of way that contain formal, non-formal and informal education.

4) holistic education -> interdisciplinary approach that related to international relations, economics and international management.

5) power of networking -> network that helps every good professional find jobs, stay in-the-know and rebound from professional misfortunes.

Assignment week 4

1.   i) Author’s name: Ronald Archie-Porter

ii) Date of published: 1994

iii) Article’s topic: Helping You Learn More About ICT

iv) Title of the book: Learn-ICT Update

v) Place of published: St Andrew

vi) Publisher’s name: New Media Publisher

2.   i) Author’s name: Victoria L. Tinio

ii) Date of published: 2003

iii) Article’s topic: How To Become An Advanced in ICT

iv) Title of the book: ICT in Education

v) Place of published: UNDP Asia Pacific

vi) Publisher’s name: Apdip Net Publication

3.   i) Author’s name: Frank Porter & Carol Darshyne

ii) Date of published: October, 2005

iii) Article’s topic: Step to ICT

iv) Title of the book: Understanding & Teaching the ICT National Curriculum

v) Place of published: Washington D.C

vi) Publisher’s name: David Fulton Publication

4.  i) Author’s name: Jonathan Piezer

ii) Date of published: 2009

iii) Article’s topic: It`s All About ICT

iv) Title of the book: Dynamics of Technology

v) Place of published: U.K.

vi) Publisher’s name: Stefan Vaerdhulst


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